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We are offering FREE motorcycle appraisals. We specialize in Harley Davidson, Indian and other classic or antique motorcycles.

We are not an official appraisal source, but we will do our best to give you an honest appraisal value for your motorcycle without actually being able to see it other than the picture you send us of your bike.

If you would like a FREE motorcycle appraisal, please EMAIL US with all information you have about your bike, it's condition, pictures in jpg or gif format and we will post your appraisal here on this site. An image of your bike is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not send an image, we will substitute an image that may be better or not as good as your bike.

Please remember, this is a FREE service offered to our valued website visitors. Please allow approximately 3-5 business days for us to process your appraisal. Thank you for visiting the Motorcycle Search Guide appraisal site. This is a free service and we will give the most accurate appraisal that is possible with the information you supply us. Remember, we are not able to see the bike up close and personal. We are under no obligation to be completely accurate, but we will do the best we can for a FREE service.

Bike Appraisals

1948 Harley Panhead appraisal 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead. This 1948 has a brand new motor that has never run and needs the primary and tanks put back on. The 1948 is at 95% original with the original exhaust and owner has the original leather dresser seat for it. From the research we did, we learned that Harley's build year went from the end of December 1947 to June 1948 so this bike was built some time between June 1948 to December 1948. It has a high vin # so probably toward the end of the build year. A really rare 48.
OUR APPRAISAL: $16,625.00

1975 Harley FXE motorcycle appraisal 1975 Harley-Davidson FXE. This bike has red paint with blue flames. Bike has 88 motor, Andrews gears, Pacho disc brakes springer, kick and electric start. Bike Runs Strong. Bike was owned by only one owner. The bike has no speedo - so the true mileage is unknown (maybe 20,000?). This bike is a classic, but has a couple of problems, such as no speedo, but is a pretty nice bike!
OUR APPRAISAL: $8,450.00

1952 Harley FXR motorcycle appraisal 1952 Harley-Davidson FXR. Kenny Boyce Pro Street frame, EVO MOTOR, many extras. This bike is a classic, but we received very little to go on from the owner. We gave the estimate our best shot from the information we have been given.
OUR APPRAISAL: $19,300.00

1952 Harley FXR motorcycle appraisal 1957 BMW R69. This bike has less than 50 miles on a thorough CRANK UP, FRAME UP Restoration on BMW's premier bike of the late '50's. This is the R68's progeny and the R69S's predecessor. This model was used by John Penton for the Trans American record that stood late into the 1960's! CRANK done by Ed Korn. TRASMISSION and FINAL DRIVE (new ring & pinnion) by Irv Seaver BMW. Stainless nuts, bolts, spokes, and hub caps. Mechanically quieter than an R69S (particularly during warm up) and much more relaxed at modern freeway speeds than the R50/R60 - Not to mention it's rarer than all but the R50/5 - This is an ultimate among ultimates!!
OUR APPRAISAL: $13,500.00

1952 Harley FXR motorcycle appraisal 1966 BMW R60/2. Only has 3,315 miles from restoration and ageing well! A very nice rider! Genuine Steib S501, not repro, not rusty!! From the Jim Falk Estate. Has the beautiful side car.
OUR APPRAISAL: $24,200.00

2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob 2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob. This bike has 5000 miles on it! It is #43 of only 150 sold! This bike has been lowered an inch and put on progressive shocks. Accessories include: detachable windshield, crash bar with highway stiletto foot pegs, stiletto regular foot pegs, motherwell rear fender rack, and billet chrome rear and front nut covers. Excellent condition. Owner did not provide picture, so image shown is not going to the be exact bike appraised.
OUR APPRAISAL: $11,600.00

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