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Prices will vary greatly depending on age, make, model, mileage, accessories, style, custom options, custom wheels, etc. Also, someone who is selling their own bike may either ask too much because of sentimental values, or he or she may have put a lot of work into it and wants a return on their investment and time. Dealers usually mark them up from what they allowed on a trade in value, and are there to make money, so you may end up paying more than you really need to.

As with everything, educate yourself. The educated motorcycle buyer will get a better deal and save a lot of money over the uneducated buyer who falls in love with a bike and becomes willing to pay anything he has to in order to get it. This buyer will more than likely get ripped off and have much higher monthly motorcycle payments to deal with for several years. Don't let this be you, educate yourself and SAVE money!

Before you go the bank to get financed, check around for prices for motorcycles for sale in your local area. If you know what type of motorcycle you want, that will make it easier. Ask about the various bikes you find for sale in your local newspaper, classified ads, online, or if you pass one on the street with a for sale sign on it. Check out it's condition and ask if the seller is willing to come down on the price. They may not or if they happen to really need the money, they may be willing to accept your lower offer. Do not insult them by offering a ridiculously low price, but offer as low as you can without insulting them and they may come back with a counter offer. If you both agree, get the price in writing, and take this information to the bank or finance company with you.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this motorcycle buying search guide. We have tried to make it informative without making it so long you have to take a snooze from boredom! ;-) Thank you for visiting the Motorcycle Search Guide, tell all your friends about us. Ride Safe and enjoy that NEW TO YOU motorcycle!

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